Mission, Vision, Values

We design, produce and commercialize fiber optic cables and optoelectronic equipment.


Our mission is to design, produce and market fiber optic cables and solutions. We are committed to sustainability, and we invest in innovation and human capital to offer the best quality in all our products and services.


  • To be a reference in the international market for high-performance optical cables, Telecom cables for FTTx and Datacom Networks; as well as in fiber optic solutions.
  • To improve our product portfolio and expand our customer base with the involvement of our entire team of professionals.
  • To maintain the excellence of our service and increase the profitability of our organization.


Our corporate principles and values withholds the way we do business and the way we would like to be perceived by our customers and sales partners throughout our actions and final products. Our corporate values are: QUALITY, INNOVATION, RESPECT, INTEGRITY and TEAMWORK.

  • Quality: Our primary goal is to build quality into both our final products as well as our services, it should be always present in supplies, processes, procedures, and management.
  • Excellence: Our whole team is governed by excellence throughout their daily actions in order to obtain the very best final products and services. Excellence is also present at all times in our relations with our customers, business partners and providers. 

  • Innovation: Innovation has always been the prime engyne for the creation of new products, market positioning of our high performance optical cables; and crucial for customer satisfaction through the design of tailor made products.

  • Respect: We are commited to a safe, productive work environment where everyone is afforded with respect and professional values. We promote fair treatment and equal opportunities to all our team of professionals, customers, business partners, providers and competitors. 
  • Integrity: is the base of our reputation; honesty, fair and transparent actions are involved at all times in the behavior of all members of our company and extends to our customers, business partners, and providers. 
  • Teamwork: Through the promotion of this value we aim for all of our team members to a fully integration and commitment with each others´ projects as well as the Company´s strategic lines.