FTTx Solutions

OPTRAL offers several designs that guarantee the safety standards required in this field, and all the features needed, at the most competitive price.

The Telecommunications market is undergoing a very important change, growing gradually, year after year. The high demand for services such as TV on demand, Internet content, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc., has driven the deployment of fiber optics to the home (FTTh).

Operators and network managers invest in deploying networks that allow users to have access to broadband networks. Therefore, high fiber density cables are necessary and we work continuously to offer the most suitable one in each case. From the trunk cable to the distribution and/ or subscriber, either buried directly, in tunnels, aerial or protected in pipelines or micro ducts.


Recommended products


Tight buffer cable for indoor installation. Flexible and easy to install.

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Gel filled multi loose tube cable for outdoor installation in microducts. Installation by air blowing.

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Multi loose tube cable for indoor installation. Flexible and easy strip loose tube.

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Monitoring of telecommunication networks.

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Multi loose tube cable for outdoor installation. Strength members composed of fibreglass yarns.

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