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Author: David Bru, Sales Manager | 29 April 2021

Fibre Optics cable manufacture companies, protected by European Union

In 2020, the European Union started investigating imports of cables manufactured in China, to check for any evidence of dumping.

On 1 April 2021, a register was created on single mode optical fibre cable entries into the EU, in order to determine an anti-dumping policy and the type of duty applicable to these cables.

This situation is already affecting imports of single mode Chinese cables in all EU countries, as the duties could be backdated to purchases made from 1 April 2021, when said register was created.

OPTRAL has been making cables in Spain for 30 years, and we have always upheld a strong commitment to our clients. Therefore, we are contacting the companies that may be affected by this situation, and sending them information on the official publication of the European commission concerning this issue.