Optral Solutions

Solutions for sensing and monitoring faults and many kind of events through fiber optic sensing cables.

Optral Solutions is our business unit focused on solving needs where applications are required for detecting events using a fibre optic cable as a sensing element.

This solution provides decisive competitive advantages; allows the business to reduce the operational expenses of installation, maintenance, safety and energy consumption. It also supports an efficient operability and the service life is very long.

Our system as well as our professional staff offers comprehensive solutions for specific applications: design and engineering of the solution, design and manufacturing of the fibre optic sensor cable, optimum technology for the detection system and finally, developing a suitable monitoring platform (OMonitor) for each application.


OMonitor is our software platform for managing, viewing and monitoring the events or faults that are detected. The platform resides in a PC unit where all the databases are housed: inventory, geolocation in GIS (Geographic Information System), real time status, registered alarms, users, etc. It has been designed using web technology and it may be accessed from multiple browsers.

Discover our 3 solutions based on the market or application:


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Optoelectronic equipment


Passive equipment that allows the coexistence of GPON technology with its evolution XG-PON1 and NG-PON2.


These modules support the most widely used industrial communication network protocols such as RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.


The ON/OFF product range allows the transmission of contacts type ON/OFF (open/close) through optical fibre.


Devices for building a local area of communication network that allow 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet fibre link, over both multimode or singlemode optical fibre.


VM1 and VS1 families are baseband video devices both for multimode and singlemode optical fibre.