System for detecting events in multiple markets and applications based on fibre optic technology as the sensing element.

This solution is used for detecting and monitoring faults or events using values such as the temperature, noise, vibrations, stress or strain depending on the conditions of the installation and the type of application.

The system is comprised of:

  • OPTRAL Fibre Optic sensor cable.
  • Interrogator unit: the function of this unit is to collect the data detected by the sensor cable and is designed to operate with technology that is suitable for the type of measurement that is to be taken as well as for each specific application.
  • OMonitor Software Platform: this unit is used for viewing and monitoring the events that are detected.

Technologies used:

- DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing).     
- DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing).
- DSS (Distributed Strain Sensing).
- FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating).

Each application requires different sensor cable characteristics that allow detecting, with maximum sensitivity, the required value while taking into account the conditions of the installation and operation of the system.


Markets and applications




Oil & Gas


Data Centers


Distribution & Logistics


Architecture of the system