Monitoring of telecommunication networks.

This system allows conducting preventive and reactive maintenance throughout the fibre optic network (dark as well as active) through real-time monitoring.

The system is comprised of:

  • OTDR Unit devices that monitor the entire fibre optic network 24/7.
  • OMonitor Software Platform that centralises the monitoring and management of the system.

Recommended in the following cases:

  • When economic penalties are possible.
  • When the thresholds of service level agreements (SLA) are exceeded.
  • When there is a degradation of the service that affects the customer.
  • When high operational expenses (OPEX) are detected as a result of a lack of telecommunication infrastructure maintenance tools.
  • When there is a lack of prevention mechanisms as well as an inefficient response to optical network failures.

Efficiently monitor the physical layer of a fibre optic telecommunications network using OTDR devices.


Markets and applications




Architecture of the system