Metallic Armoured Multitube Cable

Gel filled multi loose tube cable with metallic armour of steel wires crown and double jacket for indoor / outdoor installation. The metallic armour provides an effective repellent for rodents (extreme resistance). The double jacket construction adds a layer of protection for harsh environments. LSZH thermoplastic outer sheath. Available up to 96 fibres.
  • Direct burial
  • Rodent protected
  • Universal (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Offshores
Halogen Free Flame Retardant Moisture Protected Low Smoke Emission Watertight Ultraviolet Resistance High / Extreme Rodent Resistance
  1. 01. Central Element (GRP)
  2. 02. Fibre Optics
  3. 03. Loose Tubes (Jelly Filled)
  4. 04. Strength Members
  5. 05. Ripcords
  6. 06. Inner Jacket
  7. 07. Metallic Armour
  8. 08. Outer Jacket
Technical documentation
DoP document